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Learn about the Kucios Feast and Customs here

Storm, my friend the Lithuanian Silver-storm Dragon, sends me a Drax now and then.

He has sent me a new one for June, about the customs of Jonines - the Summer Solstice :-

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                                                             TO: The Wood Warden, Muddypond Green, Hurst Wood

FROM: The Lithuanian Silver Storm Dragon, GOTT, FPOP


Birželis  June 2010


Heh  - Greetings Young Fairy!

          Lithuania - Jonines - Summer Solstice            How are you doing? Things have been busy here in the moraines and mountains and Jonines or Rasos (the Summer Solstice to you girl) will be here before I can blink my amber eye!

Here’s a little Lithuanian custom that I thought you’d like – straight from the old dragon’s mouth.
We celebrate Jonines on 23rd June with bonfires and songs, then, as midnight approaches, villager boys and girls and the unseen magics (and us dragons) begin to drift away in pairs from the fire and into the woods. No-one should see them go!

The Custom of the Fern Flower.Bracken fern

First, the girl must carry a stick from a rowan tree, and just before midnight the couple find a likely patch of ferns. She scratches a big circle round them with the stick and the pair stay safe inside. Any bad spirits that are fleeing the light of the fires can’t enter the circle – but you will know that of course Missy eh!
At twelve precisely they search for a fern blossom – and if they have absolutely no fear, one flower might appear in the ring of leaves. This is a magic bloom now Fairy – they’re not likely to find it you understand?
If by some remote chance they do though, it’ll bring wealth and eternal happiness to them both.

Hmm – and if  they bring the flower out of the woods and keep it a deep, deep secret – telling no-one – then  they’d be able to discover treasures and understand the speech of all animals.

  There you are – a bit of Lithuanian magic for you heh?
Take care now young fae – and Drax me soon please. Hope our bees are still doing well!

From Storm.. - still here if you need me




In this drax, Storm tells me all about the important Lithuanian Yule custom of Kucios

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TO: The Wood Warden, Muddypond Green, Hurst Wood

FROM: The Lithuanian Silver Storm Dragon, GOTT, FPOP




                                                                                                                 Vasaris -  February 2010

Greetings young Faery.

Granny M has had me sooo busy I had forgotten to write to you but I managed to slip off for a bit and compose this drax at last …

I was going to tell you all about Kucios last year? It is a special celebration we dragons have in Lithuania on Christmas eve where we remember our ancestors and celebrate the strength of our family ties.

Kucios table, adapted from picture at www.lietuviaiatlantoje.orgAll my relatives turn up for this celebration from no matter how far away. It is the most sacred festival in the dragon calendar (well Lithuanian ones!)  Anyway, nobody wants to suffer the wrath of Granny M by not showing up  har har hrumpphh!

We have a big table and special food without any meat. There are 13 different types of food because we have 13 lunar months in a year (although the villagers also have a kucios with 12 dishes because of something called “disciples” – Granny M says it has to do with religion, but we dragons predate that by thousands of years it seems).

 There are rye stalks and straw placed on the table and then we cover it with a huge white linen table cloth. Only the best china is placed on the table and there have to be an even number of places set or it is bad luck.

Uncle Kastas passed on last year before kucios, so we pulled up a chair at the table for him, but didn’t set a place. We believe his spirit is with us at the table and the old dragon will celebrate with us. Because we had an odd number of guests (including Uncle Kastas) Granny M sent me out to find a stranger who was on their own to make up the numbers.
Well that was an entire story on its own let me tell you – how many forest dwellers or villagers for that matter would be entirely happy celebrating Kucios with a family of dragons … (at this point tears and running over my snout, I am laughing so hard)

Anyway I “persuaded” a bachelor badger who was living on his own down in the valley that he should join us, and he actually had a rather good time in the end.

Hmm, ....... now, where was I?
Ah yes  .................

  There is a traditional ceremony before we eat, it's very important. We share bread with each other. It is a hard type of bread like a biscuit. Granny M being the eldest gives a little speech about our ancestors, and how we are grateful to them, and she asks for a blessed year to come so we are all well and happy. Then she blesses the bread.
Now she takes her slice and goes to every family member one by one and they break a piece of her bread, and she breaks a piece of theirs (and keeps that bit hidden).
She offers individual blessings to each one of us, and then when each of us has broken bread with Granny M, everyone has to break bread with everyone else otherwise it will bring bad luck next year. I hate bad luck don’t you faery?
Oh and those pieces Granny M keeps eh? Well then she examines them and tells a fortune or two from the way they are piled in her paw.

Then we all sit down again and each one of us reaches under the table cloth and picks a stalk of rye without looking. You have to take the first piece you touch!. Granny M can tell other fortunes just from the straw… it’s a lot of fun.

Kucios breadThe food on the table is very traditional – handed down from Dragons eons ago and it doesn’t change (unless you can’t get the right ingredients).
One of the dishes is little bread loaves –tiny ones called Kūčiukai. This is special bread for our ancestor souls to eat, and because there are lots of them, there is plenty of Kūčiukai. We have to eat a bit from every different dish too, otherwise we may not survive to see the next kucios. Hmm wonder if Uncle Kastas missed a dish last year?

I stuffed myself with everything as usual, and we had lots of fun – even the badger had stories to tell of his ancestors!

After we finished the meal, we left all the dishes of unfinished food on the table, because we dragons believe that our ancestors will come sometime during the night and have their share of the feast too and be made welcome. I think it is a good excuse not to clear the table myself (big toothy grin).

Heh.  So that was dragon Kucios for you Missy Green … at last, and as promised!

Hugs and murrs – I am here if you need me young faery …

      Storm xxx

      (Picture on drax below is the Storm Dragon's own)





                                                               TO: The Wood Warden, Muddypond Green, Hurst Wood

                                                          FROM: The Lithuanian Silver Storm Dragon, GOTT, FPOP



                                                                            Gruodis - December 09

Greetings Faery.

I thought it was time I sent you a little drax, just to let you know how I am getting on hrumpph!

The flight home was smooth and the wing which I broke on the cliff was only a little sore eh - those gnomes really know how to fix anything don't they?Lithuania - mountains - this picture is copyright of the Storm Dragon
Granny M has kept me busy since I got home, I have hardly had time to scratch myself with her sending me here and there on various errands!

I am wondering when we will have some sort of party as a bit of a reward for all the hard work (smiles a toothy grin). I remember all those little animals at your party faery, the look on their faces - it was great fun wasn't it?

I hope your business is booming - even here in Lithuania there is need for some of your charms and whatnot - maybe you can open up a branch office and visit every now and again eh what?

Here too is a flash of my home in the Lithuanian mountains. I flashed it specially for you girl! You can see why I liked to escape up the hills sometimes when I came over to work.

Oops, heh!! Here comes Granny M with another job - time to get back to work
I am always here if you need me young faery ...

Many dragon breaths
Storm x