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"Music for the Soul, Music to Conjure by"

Muddypond thinks that you might like to listen to the wonderful music of
John Mills

while you look at this page - music for the soul.

It is called
"To the Hallowed Moon"

(Thanks John, for your help and encouragement.)


Music in the world of the magics and woodlanders, consists of  just two kinds:

Bird-song :   which speaks (or sings) for itself.

     Old-song the songs of the centuries, passed down by generations.
Folk and animal lore and old tales to be   sung by the firelight.

          The Storm Dragon brought a third kind of music to the Hurst Wood:

Tree-song:   as the Seer - the Guardian of the Future calls it - "Music for the soul - music to conjure by."



The very first music that Storm plays for Muddypond in the book "Wolf Moon Shines ....." is

'The Memory of Trees'
by Enya

It comes form the album of the same name, and the fairy was totally entranced by it. I happen to know that all the trees round about were enriched by hearing it too!

. To find out more about the music of Enya,
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Album cover for Enya

Chapter 8 extract:

“But what kind of song?  It’s not old-song, not bird-song. What’s this music Storm?”
“Tree-song” he said. “ I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, I thought you might. It is called ‘Memory of Trees’ and Miss Enya made it. She sometimes makes music for the trees you know because they listen very thoughtfully, and trees like a particular kind of tune.”
Play your tree-song Dragon, I hear it. Music, trees, forests, help me save them for they are magick all.”
The voice came from nowhere in a low whisper, scarcely more than a sigh on the cold air. The fairy felt a shiver run from the back of her neck and right down her spine. Her wings quivered.
“Storm? Was that you? Did you hear that?”

Deep Forest album cover

             Storm plays the fairy his music from
                     "Deep Forest"

French musicians Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet mix ethnic and electronic sounds to make real "music for the soul". Two of their songs quickly become Muddypond's firm favourites, and the pair often listen to them before settling down for the night.

The two songs she loves best are:
"Forest Hymn" and "Night Bird"They are on the album
  "Deep Forest - World Mix"

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Chapter 10 extract:

“I haven’t heard this one before Storm, does it have a name?”
“It does indeed, hmmmmm. The tree-song that I’ve chosen to accompany your supper is  ‘Night Bird’.”
“And who made this one Storm?”
“Deep Forest.”
“Deep Forest?” she was confused, “which forest? What do you mean, where’s that?”.
“Ho ha Miss Green, that’s the name of the band eh. Deep Forest are the tree-song singers.”
“You’re quite an expert really aren’t you – well …. for a dragon that is!”


When Muddypond and Storm hold their Winter Solstice party, Storm chooses a song to open the celebrations:

"Winter Trees" by John Mills

             from the album "Hallowed Moon"

John is an Australian musician and a master guitarist.

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"To the Hallowed Moon"

John Mills album cover
Chapter 13 extract:

He picked the youngsters from his back and put them down by the bowls of Dragon Punch. Reaching behind him into the shadows, he twiddled a button. Tiny multi-coloured lights flickered on the Drax and the soft sound of guitar strings filled the air. Storm’s choice was perfect,
“Winter Trees” by John Mills sounded through the clearing and down the frosty paths.

This one really got them dancing at the Winter Solstice party!

"Frogs' Legs and Dragons' Teeth"
by Bellowhead

An amazing group of eleven British musicians with vocalist Jon Boden. This tune is from their album                               "Burlesque".

Find out lots more about Bellowhead here - and go and see them if you ever get the chance!

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Burlesqe by Bellowhead - album cover

Chapter 13 extract:

    Storm announced a game for anyone who wanted to play and changed his tune on the Drax. A favourite from Bellowhead called “Frog’s legs and Dragon’s teeth” set the guests dancing and hopping round the fire.
“Smoke Ring Hopping, come along now,” he called and the youngsters gathered in the light of the fire. Old Rabbit bustled them into two teams and waved his stick in time to the cheerful jig. Older folks sat on the grass or on the log seats to watch, tap their feet and cheer.


Cocteau Twins album cover

              Possibly the most important of all,

"Whales' Tails" by Cocteau Twins

                From the album "Victorialand"

Strange and ethereal, this is the music which the Seer carries in the jade stone of his silver necklace. Storm has it now, and treasures it above all his many treasures.

The group is actually a trio, from Scotland.Unfortunately Robin Guthrie, Liz Fraser and Will Heggie no longer make music together, but their albums live on in tribute

Click here to find out about the music of Cocteau Twins

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Chapter 21 extract:

Strange music filled the clearing, soft voices chanting words that Muddypond could not understand – they could have been sprites singing and playing on their outlandish instruments. The drum beat thrummed on, one-two-three-four,  one—two,  one-two-three-four,  one—two,  one-two-three-four and the sprite voices rose and fell, keening, asking, pleading. The world around her seemed to fade away and leave her standing under a black dome of stars.