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Some carefully chosen magical links:  British Wildlife and Nature Conservation

                   PTES        Kent Wildlife Trust       Badger Trust        Romney Marsh Countryside Project       Barn Owl Trust

       Bat Conservation Trust      British Hedgehog Preservation Society     Hare Preservation Trust
                 British Hen Welfare Trust      Corvid Aid



PTES - People's Trust for Endangered Specieswildlife charity PTES link banner

    A conservation charity created in 1977 to ensure a future for endangered species throughout the world, helping all sorts of species but with a special focus on our native mammals.
From the website: “ Whether you are here to find out more about us, do something yourself by joining in our work, choose from our public programme of wildlife events or apply to us for funding, we hope you enjoy browsing these pages. hedgerow golden nut button badge
We have a special focus on British mammals, and coordinate the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme. We run several nationwide public surveys to generate information about a range of native species."

The PTES has an interesting Online Shop, with a range of products and publications - in particular their "Nature Gifts", special gift donations to help particular projects, and things for children.

wildlife gifts of nature link picture
wildlife gifts for kids link picture
wildlife otter



Badger Trust

  Badger Trust works for the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats. They support around 60 local voluntary badger groups.

Badger Trust logo

  They provide expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with police, Government as well as conservation and welfare organisations.

In the last few years much of Badger Trust’s efforts have been devoted to campaigning against a potentially devastating cull of badgers in the UK.

Badger Trust also addresses issues facing badgers today, including snares and other forms of persecution, which maim and kill badgers.Badger News quarterly from the Badger Trust
We have an important rehabilitation and release programme helping trapped, sick, orphaned or injured badgers.

If you find a badger in need of assistance, please contact the Badger Trust.

Keep up to date with all these issues by subscibing to the quarterly Badger News.




Romney Marsh Countryside 

Romney Marsh Countryside Project Banner

Romney Marsh
Picture - Clare Molden

   The Romney Marsh Countryside Project was set up in June 1996 and aims to care for the special landscape and wildlife of the Romney Marsh and Dungeness.

Romney Marsh frog - John Cann

Above - The famous Romney Marsh frog -
drawing by John Cann

Left - the wind turbines on the marsh - see more on my "Book Places" page

   The project hopes to encourage people to enjoy and understand the countryside through guided walks, cycle rides, countryside events and children's activities both as school and family visits.
Wind turbines on the Romney Marsh in Kent



  You can send for leaflets about the Romney Marsh area and its wildlife and nature conservation.Romney Marsh information leaflets

 You'll find details on current countryside activities  and a full list of guided walks, guided cycle rides, Green Gang for children and wildlife conservation days on the Romney Marsh as well as information about the Marsh area and the role of the Countryside Project.

Heron on the Winter Marsh -      local artist  John Cann




  British Hen Welfare Trust

British Hen Welfare Trust banner

Liberty - an ex battery hen enjoying her retirement

The business of this Trust is to re-home commercial laying hens at the end of their short working life spans, rather than allowing them to go for slaughter.

The ultimate aim is to see all consumers and manufacturers buying only British free range eggs.

Battery hens - pale and wan before being rehomed at the end of their working days

   Hens are taken from chicken farms to a network of 26 regional offices and distributed to volunteers to be looked after as pets. They should have plenty of egg-producing and free wandering years ahead of them. All deserve a happy retirement.

'Chicken & Egg' magazine of the British hen Welfare Trust    Most of the hens taken for re-homing will never have seen natural daylight, and will not know the difference between night and day but they soon learn to relish their new way of life.

 The Trust has recently published the first edition of its new magazine, 'Chicken & Egg', see above.

Bonnie red hens, free ranging in the grass

   You can get in touch with your nearest regional office online if you would like to re-home some of their ‘girls’.

There is masses of information on the website to help with any welfare questions that you may have.Sponsor a chicken with the British Hen Welfare Trust

   If you can’t make room for a hen or two but like the cause, you could sponsor a hen and receive an eggxiting information pack for the family.



The Hare Preservation Trusthare Preservation Trust Banner

Brown Hare photo©TonyBates
Picture - Tony Bates

 The beautiful brown hare is becoming a rare sight in the countryside of Britain, where once it was quite common.

The Hare Preservation Trust aims to raise awareness of the plight of the hare – particularly amongst those who could play the biggest part in saving it – the farmers and the government.

It also hopes to raise the profile of the hare through education and information.

The trust has a quarterly news–letter for members with news, events, information etc.
On the site, there is a good page for children – a lovely brochure to download and distribute - several amazing photo galleries and a shop with wonderful prints, treasures, photographs and cards to buy online.

Hare Art Print - 'Young Buck' by Chris Thorn at the Hare Preservation Trust
Hare stone painting by Suzuanne Le Good available at The Hare Preservation Trust
'Young Buck'
by Chris Thorn
'Beach pebble' -
by Suzanne Le Good

Many cards, prints etc. available online at The HPT Shop

Hare Preservation Trust downloadable information and picture brochure




British Hedgehog Preservation Society

British Hedgehog Preservation Society banner

British Hedgehog Preservation Society   
  Aren't we lucky to have so many wonderful mammals in the British wild? 

This society gives advice to all who have the welfare of hedgehogs at heart – it runs a helpline, and has lists of carers and advisors who can help with a local problem about a sick, injured or orphaned animal.

British Hedgehog Preservation SocietyThe society help to fund research, and is currently very involved with the project to humanely remove and re-distribute hedgehogs from the Scottish island of Uist. You can read about this here.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society 
  They give education to schools, including lectures and have lots of online infornation and downloadable leaflets to encourage children's interest in conservation and caring.

   They also run a great online ‘Hogalogue’ with hedgehog food, hedgehog houses, cards, books, wildlife presents for children etc

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Click on images to go to the Hogalogue





Bat Conservation TrustBat Conservation Trust banner

  The aim of the BCT  is to create a better world for bats.

With its  network of volunteers and the general public it monitors bats 
for national and international programmes. 

By monitoring bats they discover the factors that are important for their survival, which species need action now and the threats bats face.
Bat Conservation Trust The BCT operates the National Bat Helpline as a service for members of the public, professionals and anyone needing advice on issues relating to bats.
It runs the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP). Find your local Bat group and Volunteer for bats.

  Visit the Bat Trust web site for Online Tutorials, fact sheets and pages for children.

Bat Conservation Trust - pipistrelle flying




Kent Wildlife Trust

Fritillary butterfly for Kent wildlife trust   Founded in 1958, the Kent Wildlife Trust is the leading conservation organisation for Kent, dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.
With over 30,000 members who care about Kent’s wildlife they create a united voice to speak out on issues that affect our environment.
kingfisher for Kent Wildlife TrustHalting the degradation of countryside outside our nature reserves is one of the most important challenges we face.
Each year over 12,000 children are introduced to the wonders of wildlife and the natural environment around them.
Over 1,000 volunteers help manage nature reserves, carry out surveying and monitoring, man the visitor centres, and help run the local supporters groups.

Shop online for ethical gift ideas for wildlife.




The Barn Owl Trust
Barn Owl Trust - banner

Barn owl web cam banner - the Barn Owl TrustThe Barn Owl Trust has an amazingly informative website with information sheets, videos and web cams. The Barn Owl Trust - barn owl hunting at night

They have been recording sightings of wild Barn Owls along with roost and nest sites since 1988.
There are currently over 16,000 records of wild Barn Owls.

The Barn Owl Trust - barn owl chick

 The Trust’s priority is to ensure that existing nest sites continue to be occupied and that they produce more young to repopulate other sites.  Keeping detailed records has enabled them to carry out some amazing Barn Owl conservation projects all over Britain, and plenty of innovative research.

“As well as doing all our conservation work, we unashamedly use Barn Owl decline as a way of showing people the environmental consequences of everyday human activities... “

Shop Online -
for cards, seasonal gifts and nest boxes.
Barn Owl Trust - Christmas card
Barn Owl Trust - nest box