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AAAJS Fairysteps              


NP Historical Shoes

The medieval shoes of Katarina and Juraj Historical shoes web site banner

    Katarina and Juraj  resource, design and produce highly authentic, hand – made medieval footwear and accessories here in the UK, just as our ancestors would have done.Medieval shoes from NP Historical Shoes
    They are perfect for historical costume and re-enactment loving mortals – but I'm sure every foot conscious faery or elf would simply LOVE to wear them!
Medieval full-length boots from NP Historical Shoes
     Working with authentic 100% natural, vegetable-tanned leather from goat, cowhide or calf and tools used down the ages, the shoes are modelled on historical finds sourced from Museums.

  These shoes are not just for 'costume' wear, but are high quality, wearable works of art.


Medieval, decorated shoes from NP Historical Shoes
Medieval boots from NP Historical Shoes
Medieval jester shoes from NP Historical Shoes

   Every detail is researched from real shoes and boots down the centuries - the materials, decoration, leather punching, fastenings  and colours are all as historically correct as is possible.

    Their web site is a learning resource in its own right, and they also give medieval shoe-making demonstrations as you will see.

used here with the kind permission
of Katarina and Juraj




Susan Tooker - Spinning Castle

Fantasy Jewellery and Costume Design

Spinning Castle Etsy Shop of Susan Tooker - banner

  Susan Tooker creates elaborate, fantasy accessories inspired by the realm of Faerie and its Shadowlands.  
Spinning Castle - Susan Tooker -Greenmoon Wand
Greenmoon-Pearlfire Wand

  Blending natural woods, horn, feathers and sometimes ‘momento-mori’ with beautiful crystals and beads, she makes original designs, each one individually handcrafted.

If this weren’t enough, she uses the knowledge gained during her Masters Degree in Theatrical Costume Design to fashion elaborate, rich costumes from silks and brocades, adds her crowns, staffs and jewellery and performs in character at fantasy events in the USA!

Spinning Castle - Susan Tooker - Faery Queen Crown

'Almathea Rising'
Faerie Queen Crown

Spinning Castle - Susan Tooker - Dragon's Claw necklace
Dragon's Claw Tribal Necklace
Carnelian, Onyx and Amber
Spinning Castle - Susan Tooker - Amethystos Dragon Amulet necklace
'Amethystos Dragon'
real skull amulet necklace

Buy these electrifying accessories and many more at
Susan's Etsy Shop - Spinning Castle or

And more Tribal Jewellery at Olivia's Oubliette for
'Found Objects and Forgotten Things'

Please see also a video of her crafts on my
diaryblog page for January - February 2011 here

used here with Susan's kind permission




Tribe of Mog banner

Jack Tree and Sadie Shrub

Wonderful wooden bowls, faery doors,
curiosites and creatures.

Jack and Sadie are 'The Tribe of Mog'.  They make beautiful things from wood.

 They also facilitate learning workshops for bushcraft, woodland jewellery, willow weaving and wood carving to name but a few.

  They are storytellers and will join in with community days, woodland events, festivals and carnivals.

   I do wish you could see from my pictures just how lovely all these things are - there are creatures to dangle, very unusual, decorated bowls from single pieces of wood and natural jewellery to wear.
Jack will make and fit faery doors.The one below is mine!

Jack made my front door! Recognize it?

For more about Sadie and Jack see my diaryblog page here.  Click on any picture to go to their web site.




Sue RawleySue Rawley - banner

Fairytale mirrors large and small, caskets, and furniture in pewter and jewels

Sue Rawley - large decorated pewter mirror

Large Mirror
Standing about 90cms

perfect for any room

"Dragonflies Flicker
Jewels Glow
Cobwebs Shimmer..."

Repousse is an ancient form of art where metal is embossed, hammered and decorated. It can be applied to any panel or flat surface with endless possibilities.

Sue Rawley - small pewter, jewelled treasure box
Tiny Treasure Box 10cms

   Each piece is individually hand crafted & designed by London artist, Sue Rawley using semi-precious stones, crystals and agate - to make each object a true fairy-tale in itself.

Sue Rawley - hand-made jewelled pewter Journal book
Sue Rawley - fairy-tale Hand Mirror
Hand Mirror

  Sue also offers a design service for a customer's own ideas - and any piece may have a message or name. Contact Sue via her website

Sue Rawley - hand-made pewter casket
The Thaumaturgist's Chest - 3 sizes

pictures & designs © sue_rawley
used here with Sue's kind permission





Senjo Clothing

Unique, handmade clothes for elven and faerie dwellers in the forestSenjo Clothing Banner

Senjo Clothing for faerie folk - trousers

Custom made for you, in colours of your choice, these wonderful clothes are made,
so they say, by real faeries in Amsterdam and shipped by elves worldwide.Senjo Clothing coats



It all began because beautiful clothes of this type in wearable high quality fabrics were almost impossible to find (they still are!) and so they began making their own!Senjo Clothing - for men

  One of their happy customers enthuses .... ".. upon opening it I was wowed again and again at the wild fairie beauty of the contents. Your website just does not do them justice. and the sizing is perfect. "Senjo Clothing - long skirt



The Senjo faeries say "We should all have the right to express ourselves in our own unique way, with our own unique style."

Indeed! :-)


used here with their kind permission




Under the Thatch

Unique - Sustainable - Authentic
Holiday Accommodation

The logo for Under The Thatch - eco sustainable holiday cottages, rescued  restored traditionally

Derelict cottages restored to former glory, happy holidaymakers and revived communities – all the result of one man’s vision.  That man is
   Greg Stevenson.

“Being green and ethical is something we strive to be. Our profits are used to rescue historic buildings at risk and conserve them in their traditional way for the future.”

Holiday cottage - Under The Thatch
Romany caravan in Ireland from Under the Thatch
Holiday house, recured and restored by Undr the Thatch
Thatched holiday cottage in Wales, rescued and restored by Under the Thatch

The home page at, shows an intriguing collection of self-catering properties, from a converted train carriage, a Scandinavian-style log cabin, and romany caravans to charming thatched cottages. They are relatively inexpensive, traditionally restored and furnished and in beautiful settings, most being deep in the Welsh countryside.

By the fire at the West wales Romany caravn from Under the Thatch. Part of The Wolf Moon Sines book for children was written here

Part of "The Wolf Moon Shines...." was written sitting by the river, with the fire burnng and potatoes baking in the ash during a magical stay at the Romany caravan in West Wales.

By the stream at the Romany caravan in Wales from Under the Thatch

Hope that I will be back to write there again.

See too, "My November Diary" page for another magical Under The Thatch holiday - this time in Ireland.


top four pictures©undrthethatch
used here with Greg's kind permission


Inspirational, downloadable crafts and ideas for childrendadcando banner

An amazing site for both parents and children alike - teachers too!

The Dargonery from dadcando.comRun by
Chris Barbardo, whose aim is to enrich the lives of single dads and their families, the site spills into imaginative stories and craft projects to delight the hearts of anyone
who spends time with Dragonery label

Look at the craft projects in the Making, Cooking and Doing sections - brilliant ideas - easy to follow.   I love 'The Dragonery',  so does Storm, but of course he would!

Tardis - craft projectSee the spell book and wand on my 'Talking of Magic' page - both dadcando projects!

Recipe card from dadcando.comSo many amazing ideas with easy to follow, downloadable
and printable project sheets like this one on the left available for a few pence.

Just have a look!



used here with Chris's kind permission



Folk Owl

Fantastical felted deckings for the Elementals

Faery flower earrings
Forest leaf Elven Collar

   Perfect for elementals and woodland dwellers of every species are lovingly handcrafted by Angela, at her home by the sea in Whitstable, Kent.

 Colours of the earth, sea, moors and autumn woodlands blend together to make unforgettably original one-of-a-kind pieces from felted wools and recycled fabrics. A selection of her work can be bought online from 'Folk Owl', Angela's Etsy shop.

Ivy-leaf Faery Cuffs
Ivy-leaf Hip Bag - Pixie belt

Angela is happy to take commissions.
Folk Owl can also be found here on Facebook

used here with Angela's kind permission




AJS Rural Crafts Training and Services

AJS Rural Crafts Training, Kent - banner

Courses and training in rural traditions,
baskets, sculpture and living willow.

   AJS is the Kentish home of rural craftsmaster and artist Alan Sage
- here he makes products and runs courses at his lovely old stables premises in the grounds of Godinton House, near Ashford in Kent, or out in the Sparkes Gill woods.

AJS Rural Crafts Training - living willow seatAlan offers and teaches courses in many sorts of basketry, willow sculptures, Druid oak chairs, Living Willow, Woodland Management, Coppicing, Wattle hurdles and many more.  Participants are kept to a small number to ensure plenty of one-to-one teaching and attention.

As I am a magic myself, I positively revelled in a whole day of Besom Broom Making!

AJS Rural Crafts Training -  monster  Alan also offers services such as hedgelaying, habitat creation, woodland management, art, sculptural and design commissions to name but a few.

Courses run throughtout the year.and you can send for a brochure or book courses here online.

Read about Muddypond's willow basket course experience on my Diaryblog entry for May 19th 2011 here
Then her Willow Sculpture course
on my Diaryblog entry for July 21st 2011 here
and her Hedgerow basket course
Diaryblog entry for March 21st 2013 here

used here with Alan's kind permission



The Rhythm of Life

A favourite place to just be ...
Sound Therapy and Workshops, Counselling and much more ...

    In a serenely beautiful wooded setting in the heart of rural Kent, 'Rhythm of Life' is a wonderful place to be. For groups, it's a workshop for sound therapies and crafts - for individuals it's a home of  counselling and private therapies of many kinds.

The workshop - in progress with a group of 'Medicine Drum' makers

     Caroline Barnes  is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, a qualified Therapeutic Voice Practitioner and Sound Therapist.

Set ready for a 'Sound Bath' evening session
with a group of up to eight.

     Offering courses and 'sound bath' evenings among many other things, Caroline describes her sound healing as 'The therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.'

Workshop with acres of space to spread out in the fields
and under the magnificent trees.
 Just a little of the lunch - the cold course!

   You can stay if you like - make a bed and breakfast weekend, a holiday or just relax for the night after a workshop - in the luxurious Yurt.

See the Yurt's own website at

    Please check the 'Rhythm of Life' website for contact details, courses and lots of in-depth information.

    See too my DiaryBlog entry for June 11th 2012






Woodland Treasures - hand carved jewellery from Scottish tree woods, bog oak and amber

Geoff King - Woodland Treasures

Hand Carved Wooden Jewellery, Combs and Kilt Pins

Walnut and amber hand carved necklace from Woodland Treasures
Pendant necklace in walnut with amber insets.

      Geoff King has been working with wood for over thirty years, and now designs and makes all the exquisite hand-carved  jewellery sold at Woodland Treasures. 

  With a deep reverence for nature, he uses only locally sourced,  salvaged or reclaimed Scottish wood and bog oak, to which he may add marble, amber or semi-precious stones.

Yew hair comb, hand carved from Woodland Treasures
Hair comb, carved in yew, inspired by Mackiintosh
Scottish bog oak brooch, hand carved from Woodland Treasures
'Entwain' brooch
Scottish bog oak

Dragon brooch in yew, hand carved from Woodland Treasures

Circle Dragon brooch
carved in Yew


    Geoff takes inspiration from nature for his ever-evolving ideas. Into the design pot go a soupçon of his knowledge of all things Celtish,  of art nouveau, mythology and ancient symbols.

     With his family, Geoff has renovated an old croft in the north of Scotland, where they've planted over three hundred native trees.

   He is happy to take commissions for special one-off pieces   Jewellery can be bought online at Geoff's 'Woodland Treasures' shop, where he may also be contacted for commissions.

Kilt pin, hand carved by Geoff King at Woodland Treasures
Celtic Raven Kilt Pin
(this one belongs to Muddypond!)

used here with Geoff's kind permission





Nifty knits banner showing the meerkat families


      Hand knitted meerkats, trekkies, cards and more

  Niftyknits is an online shop with original craft designs handknitted for you  -  meerkats, flowers, jewelry and other surprises!

Muddypond is especially fond of the meerkats, and has two of her own. They are hand knitted in Kent, UK by Heather, who is brilliant with custom meerkats and seems to love a challenge!

    Here is a tiny selection, just so you get the idea! :-)

meerkat nativity - handknitted at Niftyknits
Emo meerkat hand knit at Niftyknits
Valentine saxophone player, handknitted at Niftyknits

Hand knitted meerkats from Niftyknits!  

Meerkat orders and cards are now flying all over the world! You can even sign up for the new newsletter and keep up to date.

As Heather herself says – “Custom commissions always welcome. You name it, I'll knit it!”

used here with Heather's kind permission





Handcrafted, limited edition treasures in leather.

Oh how I LOVE the things in this shop!
Shoes, bags and treasures handmade by Ren

"Other fairies will be green with envy when they see these!"

As the Fairysteps website says :-  "The most beautiful boots and shoes -  look out for Pixies who might want to snaffle them if you're rambling in the woods ......   Fairysteps vintage fairy style shoes, will take you from breakfast to teatime without you even knowing they are on! "

Fairysteps - handmade Titiania shoes in pink leather
Faieysteps shoes - handmade - Jade - Clara

"Scrumptious  bags and purses for woodland raggle taggle fairies,  knitwear, belts and more. Made with an emphasis on quality, style, durability, eco awareness (no throw away goods here!) and all with a pinch of whimsy and a smidgeon of quirk!"

Fairysteps - handmade Jude bagin English leather

All the unique things offered for sale are made using quality materials, sourced from within England whenever possible. Available as stock and bespoke in a soft and wonderful colour range of jet, peat, conker, nut, plum, violet, apple, rose and poppy leathers.

All on my MOST WANTED list!!


used here with Ren's kind permission




Jason of EnglandJason of England, Handfasting rings banner

Exquisite hand made jewellery and
Runic wedding rings
Handfasting Rings a speciality.

Jason of England, Handfasting rings
Handfasting rings by Jason of England, Unique Jewellery

Jason of England Jewellery, runic bracelets   In Jason's own words -
“I create for you a thing of beauty and integrity, wrought in Gold and in Silver and made with only hand tools using techniques dating back to the Ancient Britons and Celts.”
Jason of England Jewellery - silver hare necklace

            Jason’s creations,
magical or not, are unique, one of a kind and often specially commissioned.
  The jewellery is inspired by nature, by ancient culture and his own Nordic-Briton ancestry.
Jason of England Jewellery, runic necklace

Made on Dartmoor, regularly incorporating Ogham woods, runes and native stones, each piece is contemporary yet timeless, unique, organic and alive.

Jason of England Jewellery, specialist in Handfasting Rings





Poetry Tiles

Poetry Tiles - banner

Handmade tiles with
living poetry of your choice

  Iris makes beautiful tiles!  Each one is a handmade work of art with an animal or design and may be commissioned with a a swirling line of favourite poetry inlaid into the clay.Poetry Tiles - kitchen commission

 The tiles can be dotted as single items, or used as a custom kitchen design as in the picture above. Bigger tiles can be ordered and hung as decorative plaques in several shapes.

Poetry Tiles - hare
Kitchen tiles from Poetry Tiles - fish

Poetry plawues can be commissioned from Poetry Tiles 

  Garden furniture, steps and paths can be decorated with poetry too - just have a look at the website to see all her wonderful ideas.


used here with the kind permission of Iris




Traditional Clogs

English Clogs - Jeremy Atkinson  banner

Wonderful clogs, custom ordered and all hand made      English Clogs - Jeremy Atkinson - Pixie

Jeremy Atkinson makes traditional English clogs.  The leather uppers are hand cut and he hand carves the soles.
Customers can submit designs to be worked into the leather.

I love this style on the left - it's called Pixie. English Clogs - Jeremy Atkinson

   Jeremy uses 20-30 year old welsh-marches sycamore cut green and crust dyed chrome leather, between 2 - 4 mm thick and waterproof..

English Clogs - Jeremy Atkinson  

Each pair of clogs is hand dyed to the customer's wishes and any crimping is hand done individually as the leather is too supple to emboss, hence the price – but aren’t they beautiful?

English Clogs - Jeremy Atkinson


   He works in Herefordshire, but also demonstrates his skill at County and Craft Fairs across Britain during the summer