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Someone wrote books about me?   Pffftt!   How very strange.


     And in the beginning .....
  An extract from "The Wolf Moon Shines on Muddypond Green"

                  Chapter 1 snippet.    Radiation


The dragon circled on a current of air.  The sea below him was as grey as the wintry sky above. The atmosphere felt harmful, foreboding in the cold dawn. A strong light was flashing on and off at the top of a tower marking the coastline, on – off, on – off, on – off, swinging and reflecting over the water. He kept out of the beam, and circled again.

   He had been certain that he should take a look at this area on his way across but he didn’t know why. After all, there were no woods or trees anywhere in this bare, bleak place. There wasn’t much cover for a dragon and he didn’t want to be seen. Now, as he hovered over the gigantic building below, he felt less confident.

“Heh, you meddling dragon,” he muttered to himself. “What are you doing here? No place for Ancients to be, this is villager work if ever I saw any eh?”

    Ugly, grey concrete walls loomed up, sprawling over the ground like a city. Wisps of steam were escaping from tall chimneys  –  and there was something else; something invisible and terrible that the dragon could feel right down to his bones. His keen dragon senses picked up a deep rumbling vibration in the air. There were no living things, not even the shrieking sea birds that were usually common along the coast.

   Leading away over the flat marshes were massive pylons strung together with draping wires, and a track with rails snaking over the windswept ground, curving in towards the mainland.

He shivered.

“Now hmmm - this place is no good. This is a dangerous place, poisonous. Dragon instinct eh,” but he spread his wings wide and hovered, high up, looking about him.

On – off, on – off, the light in the black and white tower swung from the sea and ranged over the ground. On – off. As he watched, big gates silently opened in the high walls below and an engine, pulling two grey metal trucks, rolled out and trundled far below him.

 He felt the scales on the back of his neck stand on end.


The dragon’s body jerked in mid-air. He could feel himself falling.


His whole body contorted and there he was, spinning down towards the pylons, towards the ground, quite out of control.


All his muscles seemed to be on fire and his mouth opened in a silent howl. Brushing against a thick wire, he struggled in the air. There was a flash and a searing pain as the great spur-claw on his wing hooked over the cable and sizzled for a fraction of a second, sparking, burning.


   The last of the trucks rolled under him and he was falling again.   He hit the ground beside the rails, just in time to see the back of a slow train. Looking up, he saw lettering on the last truck, and squinted, trying to make out what it said ….

………ness B.

Nucl…ar Po…er Sta…n.

Waste Tr…n


  Some of the letters were scratched and dirty but even the part that he could read meant nothing to him. This was villager business. Dangerous villager business.

“Heh, eh, ooof,” he breathed out dizzily and lay still. He could smell the bitter smell of burned nail. He ached all over . . . . . . . . .




   And a lot later .....

  An extract from "The Wolf Moon Shines on Muddypond Green"

   Chapter 13 snippet.    Hag Stones

       Waiting for a pot of water-mint tea to brew later on, the fairy took out the yellow leaves again and found what she was looking for:
“Seven hag stones on a seven knotted string” she read.
“Aye Miss Green,” Storm blew on the surface of his tea to cool it as he spoke. His smoky breath was clearly visible in the cold air. “What in the name of thunder-clouds is a hag stone heh?”
“I think I might’ve seen some recently. Let’s see if there’s an entry in ‘Lines on Enchantment’ so I can be sure I’m right.”
She delved amongst her books and papers and triumphantly pulled out a large volume with a well-worn cover of dark brown leather. Embossed on its front were her initials, inside a golden five-pointed star. She began thumbing through the pages until she came to the entry she was looking for.

Hag stones,” she read aloud.  “Natural pebbles found on shingle beaches. Each one has a hole clear through it, formed by thousands of years of rubbing as the tides move in and out. The hole must be large enough to scry the stars on a clear night.
Hag stones are collected by witches, sorcerers and others with magical powers and used as powerful talismen against evil.”

“I thought so, I was right. Now, there’s four different spells here Storm, but nothing about stringing them together. Mind you, if they’ve got good holes right through, it should be easy enough.”
“Hmm. So one of us must go a-hunting on the beaches for pebbles with holes all through? That’s a kind of magic that I don’t know much about, being a mountain and forest dweller and all. Seven of them?  Eh, How easy are they to find?”

“Well dragon,” she replied thoughtfully “they’re NOT easy to find actually, no, not at all."


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Really can't let you know much more .....

An extract from "The Wolf Moon Shines on Muddypond Green"


' “Circle me with nine white stones,” read Azureadore’ and she passed the bowl with the chalky rocks.'

Original Illustration © Milena Synek 2010

Chapter 20.   Summoning

“With your wands a pentacle make
At my centre plant the seed

Circle me with nine white stones
At head and feet place Druids’ beads.”

Azure read the rhyme by the clear light of the Wolf Moon as Muddypond Green went down on her knees in the snow. She felt in her leather pouch and took out a creased note that she had made a while ago, telling her the Ogham order for the five polished wands. She knew it off by heart really, but felt better for checking it.

She began to place them on the frozen ground, starting with the Ruis. Next she put the Beth wood, and then the Luis. The magical sign of the pentacle began to take shape. She added Nion at the proper angle and finished it off with the Tinne.

   She sat back on her heels to look at her work, and slightly adjusted the angle of the Luis wand so that all the points were touching. Feeling almost sick with nerves, as if she was doing a test and desperate for everything to be right, she stood up. Storm peered over her shoulder, amber eyes narrowed in concentration.  The wands glittered slightly as the moonlight picked up their frosting of tiny stars.

“I think you should do the next bit Storm, it was you that found the apple seed.”