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Muddypond Green is a very English kind of a magic.
Yes, that's right - 'A' magic.
A rather scruffy and unqualified Stella-Fae.

A faery you ask? - Well yes, of sorts.
But are faeries still fashionable you ask?
No - apparently not - but then she can't help that!

The owner and inventor of "Eco-enchantments",
a hedgerow business for charms, spells, herbal remedies and anything else that catches her fancy.
She is also a Wood Warden and Hurst Wood guardian.

Muddypond works with the magic of the Ogham Trees.

Rowan charm illustration  © milena synek 2010
'The Rowan Charm'
original illustration © milena synek 2010

See how to make one here

She's learning to be a 21st century eco warrior - if a Magic can be one of those.
She does her best!



Here, on these pages, she shares things that are important to her and to the ever declining population of magics.

She composes the diaryblog of her eve-to-eve doings on the Dragon Portable Drax Machine which once belonged to her best friend Storm, the great Lithuanian Silver Storm-Dragon.
But that is quite a story!


Here is an illustration from Muddypond's all-time favourite artist of magickal subjects Helen Jacobs.
Actually back in Mistress Jacob's day, fairies WERE indeed fashionable! But she could obviously see into the 21st century!


An Important Note about 21st Century Faeries


       Modern day faeries, and by that I mean the faeries of the 21st century, have quite a hard time of it. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, they are very, very few and far between.
Secondly, they cannot just raise a wand and “do some magic” as is widely supposed.

     Their place is in the natural world, where they are healers and menders. They take care of things.

     Their “magic” comes from the correct use of herbs, runes, earth stones, power and healing from the 'Ogham' trees of old and the judicious use of a little faery-dust from their wings. The “spells” they use with these are really not much more than spoken rhymes, prayers and blessings.

     When they are at the height of their powers, having passed all their examinations (and please remember that they can live a long, long time) and if aroused to make some really serious magic, they can emit a trail of tiny, tiny silver or golden stars from their bodies.
These trails look a bit like the cascade of sparks from a bonfire-night sparkler, but even brighter and more delicate.

A captured Boo-Boo by Mabel Lucy Attwell
I love this little fellow - by Mabel Lucie Atwell of course - and from
'A Little Bird told Me Another Story'      pub Dean & Son


     If any of these tiny 'stella-stars' should fall on a spell or healing mixture that is being prepared, then the project will be doubly blessed by faery magic.
Faeries who can raise these tiny stars are known as the Stella -Fae. 

     On very rare occasions a star or two can harden into a minute jewel which seems to be a cross between an ice-crystal, a diamond and a piece of amber resin They are quite priceless if they are found. (As are fern seeds you know!)

     It is these Stella Stars**  that are the main reason why our Victorian ancestors hunted woodland faeries almost to extinction. They tried to take them first with large bell-jars full of formaldehyde and later with the big black box cameras of the age. But, of course their kind cannot be captured because at the first click of a shutter or snap of a lid a faery fades gradually to invisibility, and then dies.

     Now they have other hazards to contend with,  hazards that few have survived – loss of secluded woodland habitat and the use of pesticides.
And (as they are only just beginning to discover), emanations from the waste from Nuclear Power stations.

    Fashions come and go - but you see, faeries are NOT a fashion - and unless the earth planet comes to its senses, they will disappear for ever, but not for good! It simply won't be good!

* *  Before its sad closure, one such Stella Star could be seen until quite recently, captured on a glass microscope slide, but wrongly labelled, in the Micrarium Museum at Buxton.


Muddypond's clearing in the woods,
with its important crossroads really exists.

At the heart of the crossroad of paths,
in its circular clearing in the pines is her home.
It isn't hard to find - I hope to see you there .....

All places in the books are real.
All are in Kent.

See more,
on the Book Places page.
The Oast at sunset, Charing, kent